Underfloor Heating

At Giant Floors, we specialise in supplying and installing underfloor heating systems for domestic as well as commercial. Our experienced installers have an in-depth knowledge of our electric underfloor heating systems so can quickly, efficiently and meticulously install your system. On booking, our installers will come and assess your project in person, ensuring that you get the best possible system for your needs.

From industrial units through to schools, health care services to large office buildings our commercial underfloor heating systems we can service them all, including your commercial premises!

We provide 2 types of heating systems;




Electric Underfloor Heating System

Electric underfloor heating is placed on top of a layer of floor insulation – to ensure the heat travels upwards rather than down. This is first laid on a layer of screed or suspended, to ensure the surface is completely flat.

The heating wires are then connected to your mains supply. It will also include a sensor to help regulate the temperature. You can then use a thermostat to control the temperature and pre-set the system to turn on or off.



Overlay Floor Central Heating System

Overlay installations allow ‘underfloor heating’ to be placed as a “built on” rather than “built-in” way. It helps not to go in significant construction work and laid on top of the existing subfloor. Overlay runs in the same way as regular underfloor heating and connected to manifolds and controls. This floor heating systems and can be used for a single room or whole house.

Underfloor heating significantly decreases your home heating bills, it’s more cost-efficient than radiators, and it works with lower temperatures consistently distributing heat.



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