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Engineered Wood Flooring by Giant Floors comprehends that when it comes to choosing your floor it can be a tough choice to make especially when you’re on a tight budget. Engineered Wood Flooring is exceptionally built to give your flooring more security than typical strong wood. The sheets are made from layers of genuine wood which is squeezed together, bringing the wooden material that holds a few focal points over customary strong wood sheets.

When it comes Engineered Wood Flooring it is virtually manufactured to withhold more strength and stability then basic wood flooring, and won’t shrink with changes in temperature. The manner in which that built sheets are made implies that the completed item is more tough and stable than normal strong wood sheets while additionally having a similar look and feel. Giant Floors supply and install Engineered Wood Flooring for domestic, commercial and new build establishments throughout Essex, London and Kent. Giant Floors offers not only a stunning statement floor for your property but also provides longevity with every installation.

Engineered Wood Flooring has completely altered the universe of genuine wood floors. They comprise of cross-handle layers stuck one over one another, with a top layer of genuine wood. They look simply like strong wood floors; however, their imaginative development makes them progressively steady, increasingly solid and are within your budget! They highlight a wide range of locking frameworks which make them extremely easy to install. Giant Floors have extensive experience in supplying Engineered Wood Flooring throughout the South East for many years.

We supply a huge range to suit all properties and decor, so we can ensure our stock will always meet your requirements whatever the finish. This style of flooring has become the go-to solution for homes throughout the UK because of its strong wood appearance, hardwearing nature and simple design. We currently offer one of the most bespoke engineered wood flooring selections, call us today to transform your home.