All of our Engineered Wood floors are available in a wide range of finishes.  The most commonly known finishes are the Oil finishes and Matt Lacquered. However, here at Giant Floors, we provide a wider range of finishes from just those 2.

Oil Finish is made of molecules which accentuate the wood natural which will provide a natural matt look. As a result, oil makes wood look richer and more translucent without adding a film on the surface.  During the oiling process, the wood is coated in drying oil which soaks into the surface of the wood to act as a protector against spills and dirt and everyday wear and tear. Another version of the Oil is the UV Oils which have been exposed to high capacity UV lights which cure the oil quickly.

Another finish we provide at Giant Floors is the A lacquered finish which provides a glossy, smooth look and feels to the wood floor. To achieve this finish a wood floor is usually coated numerous times with a high-quality lacquer. A lot of woods are finished with a matt lacquer, this gives a more subdued shine to the floor. The difference with Oil Finish is that oil sinks into the surface of the wood, Lacquer sits on top of the wood adding more protection.